Our Writers

Jeffrey Milne

Executive producer

As Executive Producer it was a real pleasure to meet, record and produce the following writers for this project supported by the Brisbane City Council, Queensland Government and the Community Radio Network. This podcast and radio series will only highlight five (5) talented writers from this city but I know there are many more just hoping to have their work discovered, published or broadcast. 

For these writers it is mainly a creative interest or hobby but you soon realise that this is a discipline that can take years to master whether it’s crafting a long or short story, a novel or novella in a specific genre. I must acknowledge too that some of these writers have had their work published.

Enjoy listening to Short Stories by this group of talented Brisbane Writers as a podcast on your favourite podcast platform (Apple, Spotify, iHeart) or as a radio series broadcast across Australia on the Community Radio Network as part of the nightly programming schedule in 2021. 

I also need to acknowledge the support of the Brisbane City Council, Queensland Government and the Community Radio Network for this project allowing writers to receive a little recognition and promotion for their work and support of the arts. 

Special thanks to Philip Bradbury for connecting four talented writers to this project.

Philip J Bradbury

Philip J Bradbury

I was born very early in life and started writing soon after, only to abandon it when the trappings of responsibility – marriage, jobs, children, looking good – flounced at my feet. I was an accountant, business coach and then a business trainer, working in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England. I lso ran personal development workshops in those countries and men’s groups in New Zealand. 

I have since become an irresponsible old man, have written 18 self published books to date, run writing groups and courses, cycle and yoga a lot and my alter-ego can be found on the internet at:




Connor Doig

A young Brisbane based writer with an interest in the melancholy and the macabre. I’ve always had a passion for writing but I’ve only just started to publish my work. As an emerging writer I write about anything and everything with a real interest in things that go bump in the night. I have had multiple articles published in the Brisbane-based genre fiction magazine, GULP and I am currently putting the finishing touches to my debut fantasy novel. 

Connor has recently contributed several short stories to an anthology, 20/20 Vision Stories, which is now available. 

Connor is a member of the Carindale Writers Group.


Geoff Covey

My name is Geoff Covey and I am an almost retired chemical engineer, born in England and has been living in Australia since 1974. He worked for several large companies, lectured at University and has operated a successful engineering consultancy for over thirty years. During this time he wrote or co-wrote over 150 published technical papers and general interest articles for client newsletters. 

Geoff only began pursuing a creative writing interest about five years ago and now writes on a regular basis across several different genres with his work being published in a number of anthologies. His main focus is on writing humorous short stories and this has earned him almost ten awards in such a short period of time. He is currently working on a publication of a collection of works. Geoff is also a current member of the Carindale Writers Group. 


Ian Mathieson

Ian is a published writer and freelance editor. He co-authored The Effective Leader, Harper Collins, 2002 and six other personal development books. More recently, I wrote Steve Hinchy – A Tribute, Boolarong Press, 2020, which celebrates the life of a major figure in rowing in Australia, and 20/20 Vision Stories, an anthology of the best short stories and poems from the Carindale writers Group. 

Ian has contributed material to several collections, written scripts for documentaries, worked as a speechwriter and written or contributed to a considerable number of business, economic and governmental reports. 

Since 2017, Ian has delivered more than 30 editing commissions across several genres – fiction, illustrated childrens, life skills, family history, spy thriller, historical fiction, self-help, biography, anthology. He’s also joined the legion of writers working on the next Great Australian Novel.

Ian is an active Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors Australia, and the Carindale Writers Group.


Tom Jones

Tom Jones

My Name is Tom Jones. I live in Brisbane and with a name like mine I usually have to say something like “And yes, it is unusual” or something like like that when I introduce myself. I am retired after a lifetime of interesting jobs including a taxi driver, hotel manager and a paramedic so I have lots of experiences to call on for inspiration. I even delivered twins in an ambulance one day! Now, that was an adventure I’ll always treasure forever. 

My writing interest lies in the science fantasy genre. I love to escape into a world where anything and everything is possible and  where there truly is magic in the air and of course no boundaries. 

My aim as a writer is to provide a euphonic experience to the reader by trying to make the moment appear in their minds and feel real. 




Bill Pine

I’ve been a writer of books and short stories for over 30 years. My working life has embraced school teaching and as a Probation and Parole Officer. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and circumstances giving me a wide range of experiences to draw on for inspiration. I mostly like writing period pieces but while I don’t really have a favourite genre I find the psychology of crime continuing to feature prominently in my work. 


Bill Pine - a writer