Short Stories

Featuring Brisbane Writers


Short Stories from a Brisbane Writers Group is a new podcast and radio series broadcast on the Community Radio Network (CRN) in 2021. This is a special project highlighting the talent of five (5) Brisbane writers. The podcast profiles each writer with an introduction and highlights a selection of their personal short stories written specifically for this project.  

This was a great opportunity for these writers to showcase their writing talent and receive a little recognition after many years of learning their craft mainly for pleasure although some of our writers have had their work published. More information can be found on the Writers Page for individual contact information.

I trust you will enjoy all these short stories across the different genres. It was a pleasure to meet, record and produce these stories for the podcast and radio series. 

We also welcome your feedback on this project, kindly supported by Brisbane City Council, Queensland Government and the Community Radio Network. The Brisbane Writers Group Podcast series was recorded and produced by Brisbane Podcasting Centre.